Safety Procedures

The safety of students is always the first priority at Springhill Elementary School. While we always welcome parents and families to be a part of the school, it is imperative that we maintain a safe environment for our students. Therefore, we are communicating these procedures here with the understanding that parents and guests will assist us in meeting these expectations for the security of all.

Please note the following safety procedures:

All parents/visitors are required to check in the front office. All visitors will be required to provide a driver’s license to be entered into the system for proper identification. Once your identification is on file, it will automatically be available for future visits. This is a NEW procedure for Springhill, but with the addition of the Raptor system, we are able to better ensure the safety of all.

A visitor badge/sticker will be required for all visitors. When checking in with the school secretary, parents/visitors will be given a printed badge/sticker identifying the location they are visiting. Please note visitors may go only to the location approved. Example: If a parent is given a badge/sticker to go to the cafeteria, they may not go to a classroom, library, etc.

Visitor badge/stickers will be required at the beginning of the school day (7:15 am) when the doors unlock. Parents who walk their children to the cafeteria, to a classroom, or to a grade level hallway in the morning MUST stop in the office first for a visitor pass. This will help duty staff identify approved visitors and their location.

All visitors MUST enter through the front doors. No exceptions. The back doors are used only for bus/daycare loading/unloading and remain locked throughout the school day. If visitors park in the back, please walk around the building to the front door. Do not ask employees or students to allow you to enter any doors during the school day. Again, you MUST enter through the front doors and sign in.

Morning Arrival by Car
Drop off in the morning is 7:15am. Please do not drop off students before this time as there will be no supervision until then. Also, when buses are present, they will be dropping off and picking up on the east side of our drive. Please go to the west side of the drive when buses are present to both drop off and pick up students. For the safety of students, we never want to mix buses and cars on our parking lot.

Afternoon Car Dismissal
Car riding students are walked to the front of the building for dismissal. Car tags have been provided to each family to use in the car line. The car tags help staff identify the correct adult picking up students and also help make the car pick-up move quickly. PLEASE USE YOUR CAR TAGS EVERY DAY. If you need a new car tag or you need an additional tag for a second car, please call the office for a replacement.

We know that waiting in the car line can be frustrating for some, but this is the quickest way to get all of our students in their cars and it is the safest way to make sure students are delivered to the correct car. Parents who walk up to get students from the front door slow down the loading process and it becomes difficult for duty staff to keep track of which students are picked up and by whom. For those reasons, all parents PLEASE STAY IN THE CAR LINE to pick up students in the afternoon.

In order to keep track of students more safely and accurately at dismissal, parents will not be allowed to gather in the front of the school or to enter the front doors to pick-up and/or wait for students at dismissal. Please remain the car line. If you need to check your child out early due to a doctor, dentist or other appointments, you will need to arrive before 3:20 pm and check your child out. An afternoon tardy will be recorded.

We do have parents who walk home with their students daily. In this case, please plan to wait for a duty para to deliver your children to you where the sidewalk leads to the crosswalk at the three-way stop in front of our building.

If you have special circumstances which require different arrangements due to safety concerns, please contact the office.

Thank you so much for helping us maintain a safe environment, a safe arrival, and a safe dismissal for all of our students!

One final note: It is against the law to be on your cell phones in a school zone unless you are using the hands-free option. Please do not be offended when we direct you to hang up your phones. No phone call or text message is as important as the lives of our children, and a distracted driver is NOT a safe driver. Thank you in advance for understanding.