Security Measures at Extracurricular Events

Bryant Public Schools has measures in place to enhance safety and security at extracurricular events. Please be aware of the following:

Enhanced Procedures for Attendees at Extracurricular Events

  • All attendees will be subject to search by security wand upon entering the event.  Attendees are encouraged to arrive early. Diaper bags and purses will be subject to search.
  • Elementary and middle school students (up to and including 8th grade) must be accompanied by an adult who will remain with them at the event.
  • No backpacks and/or duffle bags will be allowed. Attendees will be asked to return backpacks and/or duffle bags to their vehicles.
  • No loitering will be permitted. Attendees must sit in the stands and keep off the rails. Aisles should be kept clear at all times.
  • Unless going to or from the restroom or concession stand, attendees will be asked to be in the bleachers or stands.
  • Attendees that do not have proper credentials will not be allowed to access the track/fields, courts, or any competition areas.
  • All special guests permitted access to the competition areas will be required to have their credentials visible and on their person at all times.
  • An increased law enforcement presence will be on site.
  • District personnel will be in identifiable clothing and will be available to assist with security and help attendees as needed.