Dr. Franks & Dr. Lunsford

Vision Grows for Hornet Health Center

Dr. Justin B. Franks and Dr. Sarah S. Lunsford with EyeCare Center of Saline County, are proud to partner with the Bryant Hornet Health Clinic to provide comprehensive eye care on the Bryant Elementary campus. Dr. Lunsford will be seeing patients on Wednesday mornings at the Hornet Health Clinic located in Building 33, next to Bryant Elementary. She will see both adults and students for vision exam and eye medical visits such as diabetes, glaucoma, infections, trauma, etc. Call 501-653-5043 to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Lunsford at the new vision office.

Dr. Sarah Lunsford, a resident of East End, originally hails from DeWitt, Arkansas. She is a fourth generation optometrist and has been a part of EyeCare Center of Saline County for over two years.

Prior to joining Eyecare Center of Saline County, Dr. Lunsford practiced in the Baptist Eye Center. She received her Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of Central Arkansas and then went on to graduate from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN with her Doctorate of Optometry. She offers comprehensive eye exams for glasses and contact lenses for patients of all ages, and also has extensive experience managing diabetics, glaucoma, dry eyes, and allergies.

The Hornet Health Center is a school based health center located on the Bryant Elementary campus. Dr. Anton Duke with Arkansas Pediatric Clinic provides medical services on Tuesday and Thursdays throughout the year. Dr. Michael Kinard of Kinard Dental Arts provides dental services on Fridays during the school year. The clinics can see students from any Bryant school. Transportation to and from the clinics during the school day can be arranged on Bryant school buses. Dr. Kinard and Dr. Lunsford may also see adults.

Parents and patients may also contact Angela Lasiter, the Hornet Health Center Coordinator, at 501-653-5042, for more information. 

Keeping Bryant Kids Healthy

Located at Bryant Elementary, the Hornet Health Center is a doctor’s office on campus where students can receive quality care at the most convenient location for them—school. The Center operates as a partnership with the school, Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Kinard Dental Arts and Connection Company (Bryant School District Department of Mental Health Services).

Dr. Anton Duke with Arkansas Pediatric Clinic provide care for illness and minor injury, as well as routine wellness services including immunizations and preventative health care. The clinic is open on Tuesday and Thursday for morning and afternoon appointments. To make an appointment, call 664-4117 to and ask to be seen at the Bryant office.    

Dr. Michael Kinard joined the Center to provide dental care. He provides a full range of dental services for children and adults. Dr. Kinard sees patients on Fridays from 8am-3pm. To discuss billing (including Medicaid) or make an appointment, call 501-653-5041.

Dr. Sarah Lunsford offers comprehensive eye exams for glasses and contact lenses for patients of all ages, and also has extensive experience managing diabetics, glaucoma, dry eyes, and allergies. Dr. Lunsford sees patients on Wednesdays from 8:20am to Noon.

Mental health services are also available. Call 653-5040 to schedule an appointment.

With enrollment in the health center, students can be seen by medical and dental personnel during school without having to miss hours or even an entire day. It’s especially helpful to parents who will not have to leave work for an appointment.

Students must have parent permission prior to being seen at the Health Center. The Center bills the insurance agency after confirming health coverage. Doctors also see patients with Medicaid after parents change PCP of physician at clinic. If your insurance requires a referral, that will be needed before we can see your child.

With the goal of creating a culture of health, school personnel will work together with parents to ensure the health center meets student needs efficiently, effectively, and seamlessly. For more information contact Angela Lasiter at 653-5042.

The Hornet Health Center was made possible by a grant from Arkansas Department of Education–Office of Coordinated School Health.