Safety Procedures

We take the safety of our students seriously at Hurricane Creek Elementary. Our main priority is to maintain a safe environment for students and staff while continuing to make families feel welcomed. Safety procedures are in place to ensure this happens.

Hurricane Creek Elementary practices safety procedures by keeping all doors locked throughout the day. All visitors must enter through the front doors.

All parents/visitors are required to check in at the front office beginning at 7:50am. All visitors will be required to provide a driver’s license to be entered into the system for proper identification. Once your identification is on file, it will automatically be available on future visits.

A visitor badge/sticker will be required for all visitors. When checking in with the school secretary, parents/visitors will be given a printed badge/sticker identifying the location they are visiting. Please note visitors may go only to the location listed on their name badge.

All visitors MUST enter through the front doors. No exceptions. Do not ask employees or students to let you in any locked doors. Backdoors will be accessible only for night activities such as music programs and other events.

Dismissal Plan
All students at Hurricane Creek Elementary have been assigned color-coded transportation tags to identify their dismissal area. The tags are provided by the office and displayed on students’ backpacks. Students may have multiple tags depending on their transportation situation. Changes in transportation must be completed 30 minutes prior to dismissal (by 2:40pm).

Car riders in grades K-2 will be dismissed at the front of the building unless they have an older sibling. Car riders in grades 3-5 and their younger siblings will be dismissed at the back of the building. Car tags have been provided to families to identify the student they are picking up. Please make sure car tags are displayed every day. If additional tags are needed, please contact the front office.

We know that waiting in the car line can hard for some, but this is the quickest and safest way to get all of our students in their cars. Parents who walk up to get students slow down the loading process and it becomes difficult for duty staff to keep track of which students are picked up and by whom. For those reasons, all parents PLEASE STAY IN THE CAR LINE to pick up students in the afternoon.

Thank you so much for helping us maintain a safe environment for all of our students!