Trademark Licensing

The Bryant School District has contracted with Amateur Sports Licensing LLC (ASL) to implement and manage a trademark licensing program. ASL will file trademarks, manage vendor licensing, provide legal brand protection, and grant licenses to use the Bryant School District an Bryant Hornet logos. The partnership benefits Bryant Schools and students by collecting a small percentage of profits made by those vendors using our images.

The following artwork will be trademarked, and will require a license to sell through retail or online channels:




  • Bryant Hornets
  • Hornet Athletics/Activities (to include all athletic teams and activities)

Licensed vendors (retail and online) will be the ONLY distributors for any clothing, gear, equipment or other memorabilia using the trademarked items, which may be resold for a profit. Ordering or purchasing merchandise should only be done through licensed vendors. (Please note: This does NOT include school owned and issued athletic uniforms.)

The FAQ Document will address specifics about purchasing, licensees and royalties.

Questions regarding licenses should be addressed to Shawn Fecher with Amateur Sports Licensing at 501-940-5599 or