Bryant High School offers a unique experience for students. This program allows students to explore jobs or internships that they may be interested in and gain valuable experience for their career paths.


  • Bridging The Gap

    “My internship experience has really allowed me to test my passion for my future career, revalidating the interest I have for electrical engineering. It has also allowed me take a dip into the workplace and connect the schoolwork to its application at a professional level. The unseen problems and incorporation of budgeting has really opened my eyes to what the work of an engineer truly is, which wouldn’t be possible without my internship.”

    Bridging The Gap

    Dallas Blank

    Whiting Systems Inc.
  • Change in Direction

    “My internship at Habitat has lead me down a path I never thought I would be on. Habitat is such an amazing environment to work in. The people there are amazing and the things they do to help others are true blessings. This internship I was involved in has led me to change my major for college so I can work with more organizations like them. Although I was only in this program for a semester, Habitat has offered me a part-time job to continue working for them and the amazing families they serve. “

    Change in Direction

    Caitlyn Guthrie

    Marketing and Development Intern
    Habitat for Humanity Saline County
  • Developing Leadership Skills & Passion for Serving Others

    My internship experience at Chick-fil-A Otter Creek has benefitted my future in ways I never could have anticipated. While working in fast-food has never been my “dream,” this high-school job has illuminated my desire to serve and care for others. Working at Chick-fil-A has provided me with so many opportunities for growth–the biggest one being my promotion from a regular Team Member to a high school Team Leader. Being a young leader in the restaurant was initially intimidating, but because of this experience I now am able to relate to others in a whole new dimension, taking on the title of  “Drive-Thru Specialist.” By focusing my shifts in the drive thru, I have learned how to intentionally serve the community in a timely manner. This leadership opportunity has helped me to overcome my introverted personality, gain confidence in my ability to effectively serve the community, and develop communication skills that I never could have learned apart from Chick-fil-A. The life skills that I have acquired through this experience have completely changed my perspective on the world around me, helping me see people for who they truly are instead of who people may expect them to be. Through this opportunity, I have learned that whatever my future career may be, I want to be serving others wholeheartedly.”

    Developing Leadership Skills & Passion for Serving Others

    Abbi Reece

    Team Leader
    Chick Fil A - Otter Creek
  • Broadening Horizons

    “Being in Internship has helped me to broaden my horizons in a field I love. Not only am I able to do hands-on work painting and building sets, I am also growing as a person and actor by being around mentors who push me and encourage me and put trust in me to do tasks that I never thought I would be doing. Having the opportunity to watch professional actors rehearse is amazing. I am really grateful we have the internship program because it has pushed me to be a more efficient and versatile worker.”

    Broadening Horizons

    Rylee Bolls

    Arkansas Arts Center Children's Theatre
  • Making Connections

    “Internship has allowed me to connect with kids in a way that has ensured my career path of going into Pediatric Nursing. I have built an amazing and strong bond with the kids at Park Place Preschool. Internship has given me the opportunity to be able to work with young kids and explore my career options for after high school. From working at the preschool, I have strengthened my communication and problem-solving skills.”

    Making Connections

    Khushi Uppal

    Park Place Preschool