Bryant High School offers a unique experience for students. This program allows students to explore jobs or internships that they may be interested in and gain valuable experience for their career paths.


  • Medical Field Dreams

    “Internship has allowed me to be open minded and to face my biggest fears. I’ve met so many people and this experience has really reassured me that being a nurse is for me. It made me realize that I don’t have to be a nurse for all of my career and that I can always move up in the medical field.”

    Medical Field Dreams

    Imanii Jones

    Carson Physical Therapy
  • Learning Skills for the Future

    Internship has helped me narrow down my career path and has taught me important life skills I’ll need for life after high school, all while being in a really fun environment!

    Learning Skills for the Future

    Ashlyn Lee

    Speech Language Therapist Intern
    Bryant Elementary
  • Eye-Opening Experience

    “When I first started my internship with the City of Bryant’s Public Works department, I had absolutely no idea the amount of knowledge I would learn. We don’t see the complexities of the vital systems that provide us the luxuries we take for granted. Running water, and then the sanitary sewer system are things we use everyday, and never think twice about them. I am so glad my internship has provided such an eye-opening experience!”

    Eye-Opening Experience
    Patrick Cagle
    City of Bryant Public Works
  • Broadening Horizons

    “Being in Internship has helped me to broaden my horizons in a field I love. Not only am I able to do hands-on work painting and building sets, I am also growing as a person and actor by being around mentors who push me and encourage me and put trust in me to do tasks that I never thought I would be doing. Having the opportunity to watch professional actors rehearse is amazing. I am really grateful we have the internship program because it has pushed me to be a more efficient and versatile worker.”

    Broadening Horizons
    Rylee Bolls
    Arkansas Arts Center Children's Theatre
  • Dream Job

    “Being in internship program has really had a positive impact on my life. My dream job is to be a physical therapist and having an internship has really helped me ensure that’s what I want to pursue a degree in. The internship has also given me more responsibility, self-confidence, and has improved my people and computer skills.”

    Dream Job

    Cayla Bass

    Carson Physical Therapy