Strategic Plan

Our Plan for Success

strategic plan cover photo
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Our Plan for Success, the strategic plan for Bryant Public Schools, establishes the goals which guide the school district for five years, 2017-2022. The plan focuses on four areas: social and emotional learning; teaching and learning; facilities and systems; and personnel.

Data is gathered through the annual climate survey. Parents, students in grades 4-12, district employees, and community members are all invited to give feedback. Academics are measured by assessment data. Facility and systems information comes from continuous review and evaluation. Indicators of an effective and diverse workforce reflect survey information and internal reports.

Evaluation is an important part of the process, as is reporting the results to stakeholders. We now have three years of progress toward meeting our goals. The results are included in the Strategic Plan Year 3 document.


  • Increase in social and emotional skills with full implementation of Capturing Kids’ Hearts
  • More at-risk learners enrolling in AP courses
  • Safer campuses, from securing access to buildings to adding an armed presence at each school
  • Fewer in- and out-of-school suspensions and students expelled
  • Decrease in bus discipline referrals and suspensions
  • Increased number of diverse applicants
  • Competitive salaries 

Growth Areas:

  • Enhance academic growth for all students
  • Additional support for at-risk learners
  • Better preparation for college and career
  • Improve communication and engagement with the greater community

The data is reviewed in-depth each year and used to make changes and improvements. Each of our schools has developed a specific School Improvement Plan to address growth areas. Plans are available on our website. 

Our strategic plan unites us as a district and moves us closer to our vision of becoming the state’s premier provider of educational services. It takes all of us working together to provide the very best future for Bryant students.