Strategic Plan

Our Plan for Success

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Strategic planning is necessary for any successful organization. While planning has taken place in a number of different forms within the district, the Bryant School Board wanted a comprehensive strategic plan to provide direction for the future. We believe this road map will move Bryant from a very good school district to our vision of becoming the state’s premier provider of educational services.

In the spring of 2017, Bryant Public Schools launched a community engagement process to develop the district’s new strategic plan. Hanover Research worked with the leadership staff to develop a climate and strategic planning survey to better understand stakeholders’ perception of BPS and its priorities for the future. Respondents included district employees, parents at all grade levels, secondary students in grades 6-12, and community members.

Stakeholders were invited to become part of the collaborative effort to develop the strategic plan. A committee was formed to evaluate and prioritize the data from the survey. Stakeholders including parents, community members, board members, and district administrators worked for over two months using the survey data to not only envision a future for the District, but also develop a road map to take us there. Leadership teams developed targeted measures essential to reaching the goals over the next five years.

The strategic plan is a dynamic, living document used to guide decision-making and evaluate current programs for effectiveness, at the district and school level. The plan includes goals, priorities, and actions based on multiple data sources. Specific measures are used to monitor success and recommend areas for improvement.

By clearly articulating our plan to all stakeholders, we move forward with a common vision. Everyone working together to achieve the shared goals will move the district toward educational excellence.

The Bryant School Board unanimously approved the Strategic Plan on October 12, 2017.