Hornet Stadium Upgrades

Band Bleachers

Phase I: Band Bleachers
Completed: September 2019

Estimated Costs: $532,367

Total Cost: $ $559,791.00
(includes $27,424.00 in savings from the Maintenance/Transportation/Technology Building contract)

A set of band bleachers was added at Hornet Stadium for the Legacy of Bryant. Project included the structure that covers the bleachers, (including industrial fans and storage), bleachers, and demolition of the existing bleachers.

Phase II – Concession/Ticketing Area/Bleachers

Concession Stand

Start Date: December, 2019
Completion: August, 2020

Estimated Costs: $1,942,465

In addition to a new concession area and ticketing booths, the scope of work also includes concrete work around the concession area. New bleachers will be installed on both sides of the current Home bleachers, adding a little over 400 seats.

Phase III – Pressbox

Timeline to be determined

*The estimated cost for construction were derived from square foot calculations based on several known facts such as possible site locations, timing/scheduling, extensive historical cost data on similar projects in Central Arkansas, market conditions, inflationary impact study, State POR (Program of Requirements) and years of history of working with designs of the architect selected by the district. Estimates were based on costs for 2016.