Completed Projects

  • August 2018

    Parkway Elementary School

    PES BuildingPES Gym PES Gym  PES Building PES BuildingLocated at 5200 Bryant Parkway, Parkway Elementary serves students in grades K-5. The new school welcomed its first class of students on August 13.

    Completion: August 2018

    Estimated Costs*: $15,683,360

    Total Cost: $15,913,986

    State Participation: $6,264,578.98

    Bryant Public Schools received the Certificate of Occupancy in August. A final few punch list items are left to complete.


  • June 2017

    Bethel Middle School Canopies

    Bethel Canopy      Bethel Canopy

    Bethel was initially constructed without canopies for the students to unload or load as car riders. The majority of the students are car riders and must stand outside in front of the school exposed to inclement weather.  Parents and staff have requested canopies for the front of this facility for several years, and with the passage of the millage, this project was completed.

    Baldwin & Shell Construction proposed a bid of $347,588.00. The Bryant School Board voted to accept the bid for constructing a canopy system on June 29.

    Completed: August 2017

    Estimated Costs*: $350,000

    Final Costs: $321,620.31 (total paid to date for architect and construction)

  • June 2017

    Hurricane Creek Road Relocation

    HCESRoadway     HCESRoadway_Playground

    The playground area at Hurricane Creek was smaller than those of other Bryant elementary schools. By relocating the road at the back of the property, playground and green space was increased for students. The new road has also resulted in better traffic flow.

    Completed: August 2017

    Estimated Costs*: $150,000

    Final Costs: $174,180.04 (includes design fees and construction costs)

  • June 2017

    Salem Waste Water

    When Salem was constructed, no tie in existed to municipal water. The district operated an outdated and high maintenance waster water treatment plant until the passage of the millage allowed funds to connect to the City of Benton water supply. Bryant’s Maintenance Department personnel developed a solution to save the district thousands of dollars on the project.

    Completed: August 2017

    Estimated Costs*: $500,000

    Final Costs: $138,373.50 (design fees, connection fees and construction costs)

  • June 2017

    Replace Flooring (CES, DES, SES, SPES)

    Replace Flooring (CES, DES, SES, SPES)

    Collegeville, Davis, Salem, and Springhill Elementary Schools replace flooring surface in PE facilities.

    Completed: August 2017

    Estimated Costs*: $250,000 (original estimate based on replacing flooring at 3 locations: CES, DES, and SPES. SES flooring was added to job after estimate received.)

    Final Costs: $312,503.14 (includes all four gyms: CES, DES, SES, and SPES)

*The estimated cost for construction were derived from square foot calculations based on several known facts such as possible site locations, timing/scheduling, extensive historical cost data on similar projects in Central Arkansas, market conditions, inflationary impact study, State POR (Program of Requirements) and years of history of working with designs of the architect selected by the district. Estimates were based on costs for 2016.