Bryant Junior High School (Grades 8-9)

Completion: July 2019

Estimated Costs*: $51,127,800

Total Cost*: $47,614,745

*Includes driveways, parking lots, and curb cuts for Hill Farm Road
*Does not include any football (including fieldhouse) or track facilities

State Participation: $18,144,320.85

Located on the Hill Farm property, the new Bryant Junior High will serve students in grades 8-9.

With 8th grade students attending BJH, Bethel and Bryant Middle Schools will move to 6-7, allowing room for growth at both grade levels. Ninth grade students will be moved off the Bryant High School campus, allowing for growth at the 10, 11 and 12th grade levels. Overcrowding will decrease at all three schools and traffic patterns will improve.

BJH will initially be built with classroom space for 1,600 students. Multi-use spaces (cafeteria, gym, media center) will be built to accommodate 2,100 students. A classroom wing expansion can be added for future growth without the need to increase capacity in multi-use spaces.

In addition to 73 classrooms, features of the new 252,000 square foot facility include science, business/career education, and family consumer science labs; music rehearsal spaces; art rooms; and multi-use areas including a black box theater. The two-story media center will feature a computer lab. Athletic spaces will include a 1,200 seat gym with stage; four practice courts and eight locker rooms.

In the new cafeteria, students will enjoy a dining and serving space large enough to provide 8-10 different food options.

Update May 2019

Update February 2019

Update January 2018

Update October 2018

At the time the BJH project was bid, the decision was made to pull the fieldhouse, track, and football fields from the project. The purpose was to obtain bids for the three high school projects to determine if those projects came in at, below, or above budget. Since those projects came in above budget, the decision was made to scale down the scope of the work for the junior high fieldhouse.

The new project proposal reflects the fieldhouse, track, and two football fields (with irrigation).  It also includes the conduit for lighting to be added in the future.

On October 18, 2019, the Board approved the project price proposal for $2,649,672 from Baldwin and Shell for the Jr. High Fieldhouse.

As of October 18, construction on the junior high is running ahead of schedule. Four of the five areas of the building will be in the dry by Thanksgiving, which will help the project timeline going into winter.

Update September 2018

Field House/Track facility bids are expected by the end of September.

BJHS inside renderings

Update July 2018


Update June 2018

groundbreaking bjhs 2018

The Bryant School Board, staff and administration were joined by community members to celebrate the groundbreaking of the new Bryant Junior High School on June 7.

Update April 2018

On February 5, 2018 the board approved the building package from Baldwin and Shell for the Bryant Junior High School for $43,750,861.

The junior high building package includes all driveways, parking lots, and curb cuts for Hill Farm Road.

While the project came in $3.5 million under budget, the district did not bid any football (including fieldhouse) or track facilities. The football/track facilities will be bid separately at a later time.

Update December 2017
Many construction projects separate the site package from the building package to expedite the timeline. A site package bid of $3,863,884 from Baldwin and Shell was approved by the Board on October 26, 2017.

*The estimated cost for construction were derived from square foot calculations based on several known facts such as possible site locations, timing/scheduling, extensive historical cost data on similar projects in Central Arkansas, market conditions, inflationary impact study, State POR (Program of Requirements) and years of history of working with designs of the architect selected by the district. Estimates were based on costs for 2016.