Bryant Junior High School (Grades 8-9)

Located at 5200 Bryant Parkway, Bryant Junior High serves students in grades 8-9. The new school welcomed its first class of students on August 13.

BJH currently has classroom space for 1,600 students. Multi-use spaces (cafeteria, gym, media center) were built to accommodate 2,100 students. A classroom wing expansion can be added for future growth without the need to increase capacity in multi-use spaces.

Bryant Public Schools received the Certificate of Occupancy in July, 2019.

Completion: July 2019

Total Cost*: $47,614,745

*Includes driveways, parking lots, and curb cuts for Hill Farm Road
*Does not include any football (including fieldhouse) or track facilities

Building Features (PDF)

*The estimated cost for construction were derived from square foot calculations based on several known facts such as possible site locations, timing/scheduling, extensive historical cost data on similar projects in Central Arkansas, market conditions, inflationary impact study, State POR (Program of Requirements) and years of history of working with designs of the architect selected by the district. Estimates were based on costs for 2016.