Section 4 - Students

Policy Number:Policy Name:
4.1Residence Requirements
4.2Entrance Requirements
4.2.1Student Attendance Zones
4.3Compulsory Attendance Requirements
4.4Student Transfers

School Choice

4.6Home Schooling
4.7Closed Campus
4.8Equal Educational Opportunity
4.9Student Organizations/Equal Access
4.10Privacy of Student Records/Directory Information
4.11Contact With Students While At School
4.12Student Visitors
4.13Student Discipline
4.14Prohibited Conduct
4.15Conduct To and From School - Transportation Eligibility
4.16Disruption of School

Student Assault or Battery

4.18Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
4.19Tobacco and Tobacco Products
4.20Drugs and Alcohol
4.21Student Dress and Grooming
4.22Gangs, Secret Societies, or Similar Groups
4.23Student Sexual Harassment
4.24Laser Pointers
4.25Internet Safety and Electronic Device Use Policy
4.26Suspension From School
4.28Seach, Seizure, and Interrogations
4.29Student Vehicles
4.30Communicable Diseases and Parasites
4.31Student Medications

Student Illness/Accident

4.33Emergency Drills
4.34Permanent Records
4.35Corporal Punishments
4.36Homeless Students
4.37Physical Examinations or Screenings
4.37FObjection to Physical Examinations
4.39Attendance Requirements for Students in Grades 9-12
4.40Smart Core Curriculum and Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2017
4.40.1Smart Core Curriculum and Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2018 and Thereafter
4.41Pledge of  Allegiance
4.42Possession and Use of Cellphones and Other Electronic Devices
4.43Video Surveillance and Other Student Monitoring
4.44Special Education
4.45Students Who Are Foster Children
4.46Placement of Multiple Birth Siblings
4.47Student Acceleration
4.48Student Promotion and Retention
4.49Extracurricular Activities - Secondary Schools
4.49.1Extracurricular Activities - Elementary Schools
4.49.2Extracurricular Activity Eligibility for Home Schooled Students
4.5Field Trips
4.51Student Accident Insurance
4.52School Pictures
4.54Student Publications and The Distribution of Literature