Section 3 - Licensed Personnel Polcies

Policy Number:Policy Name:
3.0Licensed Personnel Policies Committee
3.1Licensed Personnel Salary Schedule
3.2Licensed Personnel Evaluations
3.3Evaluation  of Licensed Personnel by Relatives
3.4Licensed Personnel Reduction in Force
3.5Licensed Personnel Contract Renewal
3.5.1Licensed Personnel Contract Return
3.6Licensed Personnel Employee Training
3.7Licensed Personnel Bus Driver Drug Testing
3.8Licensed Personnel Sick Leave
3.8.1Bereavement Leave
3.8.2Other Authorized Leave
3.9Licensed Personnel Sick Leave Bank

3.10Licensed Personnel Planning Time
3.11Licensed Personnel Personal and Professional Leave
3.12Licensed Personnel Responsibilities in Dealing With Sex Offenders on Campus
3.13Licensed Personnel Public Office
3.14Licensed Personnel Jury Duty
3.14.1Licensed Personnel Court Subpoena
3.15Licensed Personnel Leave - Injury From Assault
3.16Licensed Personnel Reimbursement for Purchase of Supplies
3.17Insult of Abuse of Licensed Personnel
3.18Licensed Personnel Outside Employment
3.19Licensed Personnel Employment
3.19.1Licensed Personnel Assignment
3.20Licensed Personnel Reimbursement of Travel Expenses
3.21Licensed Personnel Tobacco Use
3.22Dress of Licensed Employees
3.23Licensened Personnel Political Actvity
3.25Licensed Personnel Grievances
3.25FLicensed Personnel Level 2 Grievances Form
3.26Licensed Personnel Sexual Harassment
3.27Licensed Personnel Supervision of Students
3.28Licensed Personnel Computer Use Policy
3.28FLicensed Personnel Employee Internet Use Agreement
3.29Licensed Personnel School Calendar

3.30Parent-Teacher Communication
3.31Drug Free Workplace - Licensed Personnel
3.31FDrug Free Workplace Policy Acknowledgement
3.32Licensed Personnel Family Medical Leave
3.33Assignment of Extra Duties for Licensed Personnel
3.34Licensed Personnel Cell Phone Use
3.35Licensed Personnel Benefits
3.36Licensed Personnel Dismissal and Non-Renewal
3.36.1Licensed Personnel Position Abandonment
3.37Assignment of Teacher Aides
3.38Licensed Personnel Responsibilities Governing Bullying
3.39Licensed Personnel Records and Reports
3.40Licensed Personnel Duty to Report Child Abuse, Maltreatment, or Neglect
3.41Licensed Personnel Video Surveillance and Other Monitoring
3.42Obtaining and Releasing Student Free and Reduced Price Meal Eligibility Form
3.43Duty of Licensed Employees to Maintain License in Good Standing
3.44Licensed Personnel Workplace Injuries and Workers' Compensation
3.45Licensed Personnel Social Networking and Ethics
3.46Licensed Personnel Vacations - 12 Month Adminstrators
3.47Depositing Collected Funds
3.48Licensed Personnel Weapons on Campus
3.49Teachers' Removal of Student From Classroom
3.50Administrator Evaluator Certification
3.51School Bus Driver's Use of Mobile Communication Devices
3.52Written Code of Conduct for Employees Involved in Procurement with Federal Funds

3.53Licensed Personnel Bus Driver End of Route Review
3.54Voluntary Teaching During Planning Periods or of More Than The Maximum Number of Students Per Day