Prom 2017

Bryant Prom 2017 is Saturday, April 22, 8-11:00pm at Bishop Park in Bryant.

Prom Applications

All students purchasing Prom tickets will be required to complete a prom application. Applications are available April 3-21.


PLEASE have prom applications filled out and everything completed prior to purchasing a ticket.

Tickets go on sale on April 10. Purchase tickets from April 11–19 in Mr. Crisco’s room (10-422) before school and during 1st period or Mrs. Hare’s room (2-17) 7th period or after school. Cost on those days will be $25 per ticket. Tickets will also be on sale in the MPR on April 20 and 21 for $35.  Absolutely NO tickets will be sold after April 21!

Tickets will only be sold to Bryant High School 11 or 12th grade students. Students must have student ID # or drivers license # at time ticket is purchased. This will also be required to enter Prom. 


No one 21 or older will be able to attend Prom. ANYONE attending the Prom, whether a Bryant student or not, must follow the Bryant High School Student Handbook Policy.

If your date is a Bryant Public School student, you will need his or her ID # when buying your tickets. (They must also show their ID to be admitted to Prom.)

If your date is not a Bryant student, then you are required to provide a photocopy (license number and date of birth must be readable) of the driver’s license. These can be photocopied and attached to the application OR emailed to with the subject “your name - date’s ID”.

Discipline Policy

Prom should be a fun and SAFE evening. School resource officers will be present; all persons attending are subject to be searched/and or given sobriety tests if there is reasonable suspicion. School policy will be followed for infractions of handbook rules. Thank you ahead of time for your cooperation.