HFES Archery Achieves State Championship

In only two years, the Hill Farm Archery Team has achieved a state championship. With a score of 2982 points, the team took first place over other well established elementary teams. A total of 35 elementary teams with 539 shooters participated in the state competition. Team scores were calculated by taking the top four girl scores; top four boy scores; and the next four scores (either boy or girl). Students shot 3 ends of 5 arrows for score at 10 M and 3 ends of 5 arrows for score at 15 M. Total possible was 300 points. 

Only sixteen of the twenty-four team members were allowed to shoot at the state tournament. Team members include 5th graders Rachel Kauppinen, Abby Lee, Wesleigh Ferguson, Kaylee Smith, Haleigh Heavner, Zac Broach, Austin Armstrong, Landon Smith, John Paul Yarberry, Nathan Lewellen, Nic West, Grayson Outlaw, Justin Reese, Brooks Blakeley, Devin Thompson, Jase Ham, Liam Arnold. Fourth grade members are Scarlett Hasley, Abigail Dunbar, Keira Evans, Riley Smith, Hudson Buie, Bentley Balisterri, and Landon Jackson. (Students in bold were the 16 who participated at the state tournament.)

Abigail Dunbar finished 6th place overall in the elementary female division out of 209 shooters, edged out of 5th place by 1 point. Nathan Lewellen finished 13th place overall in the elementary male division out of 330 shooters.

Top 4 Girls

Abigail Dunbar  265

Rachel Kauppinen  253

Keira Evans  248

Scarlett Hasley  247

Top 4 Boys

Nathan Lewellen   261

Devin Thompson   256

Justin Reese   250

Grayson Outlaw   244

Next Top 4 (either boy or girl)

Abby Lee   244

Kaylee Smith   241

Jase Ham   238

Landon Smith   235

Congratulations to Coach Nancy Wood and the HFES Archery Team on your state championship!