Facilities: Moving Forward

On behalf of the students, staff and the entire community, we would like to thank everyone for the generous support for our schools. On March 14, 2017, voters in the Bryant School District approved the 3.6 mill increase to fund new facilities and building projects for our current and future students.

Project updates are intended to allow parents, students, faculty, business leaders and other members of our community to view and engage in the process during the upcoming months and years. Your investment makes this progress possible. Our promise is reliable stewardship of your taxpayer dollars.

Bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates.

ProjectsDescriptionConstruction StartCompletetionOn Target for Completion DateEstimated Cost*Bid Cost
New Elementary School (Grades K-5)Located at Daley/Hilldale RoadMay 2017July 2018Yes$15,683,360
New Junior High School (Grades 8-9)Phase 1: Classroom space for 1,600 students; multi-use spaces for 2,000 studentsAugust 2017July 2019

Phase 2: Increase classroom space to accommodate 2,000 students

Bus Shop and Maintenance FacilityDemolish existing bus yard adjacent to BHS; construct new facility on a property located near Hill Farm ElementaryNovember 2017June 2018
Bryant High School AdditionsPhase 1: Demolition of buildings 2, 4/5, 8B, 9, 13, 14, 16, 20, and 21


Phase 2: Replace the existing student dining, physical education, and performing arts spaces

Fine Arts: May 2018

Cafeteria; PE Facility: June 2018

July 2019

Fine Arts: $12,470,000

Cafeteria: $10,350,000

PE Facility: $16,650,000

Bethel Middle School CanopiesAdd covering to building entrance area6/1/20178/2017
Salem Waste WaterTie into municipal6/1/20178/2017
Hurricane Creek Elementary Road Relocation for Playground ExpansionRe-route existing road for playground green space6/1/20178/2017
Collegeville, Davis, Salem, and Springhill elementary Schools Replace flooring surface in PE Facilities
Hornet Stadium UpgradesReplace home bleacher; Add cover to band spaceTBDTBD

*The estimated cost for construction were derived from square foot calculations based on several known facts such as possible site locations, timing/scheduling, extensive historical cost data on similar projects in Central Arkansas, market conditions, inflationary impact study, State POR (Program of Requirements) and years of history of working with designs of the architect selected by the district. Estimates were based on costs for 2016.